Judy Allen Dodson

Children's Book Author - Librarian - Archivist

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Hi, I’m Judy Allen Dodson

A storyteller, librarian, and children's book author, on a mission to craft tales that inspire, empower, and ignite the imaginations of young minds. With a heart deeply devoted to literature, a background in library science, and a fervent passion for championing diverse narratives, I embark on a journey to create stories that resonate across cultures, ages, and backgrounds. Through my words, I aim to celebrate the beauty of our shared human experience, instill a love for learning, and offer a world where every reader can find characters that reflect their identity and dreams. Join me in exploring the enchanting landscapes of storytelling, where imagination knows no bounds and the magic of words knows no limits.

My Books

Escape from Hurricane Katrina

Join young protagonists as they navigate the challenges and resilience in the face of Hurricane Katrina. This Junior Library Guild selection weaves a tale of courage and unity amidst adversity.


The Ashe Brothers

Dive into the inspiring journey of Arthur Ashe and his younger brother Johnnie as they overcome racial barriers and change the face of tennis. This book celebrates their close bond and their pivotal role in breaking down barriers.



"Judy Allen Dodson's storytelling is a gift to young readers. Her characters come alive, resonating with authenticity and relatability. Through her words, she empowers and educates, leaving an indelible mark on impressionable minds."
Jordan Dodson
“In her presentation to a group of middle and high schoolers, Judy Allen Dodson spoke with great energy and enthusiasm about her work as an archivist, librarian, and author. She encouraged our students to consider their own story and how they might one day contribute to our local archives. She also read from both her books on Hurricane Katrina and on local Civil Rights leaders, Joe Holt, Jr. Students were on the edge of their seats during the readings and eagerly wanted to hear more!”
Lucy Dawson

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