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I never knew I would be an author but as a little girl, I always knew I loved books: how they felt in my hands: how the pages smelled: and how the words whisked me away to places I could only dream about. Being around books makes me happy, so much so, that I decided to become a librarian. I’m all about the book; reading it, writing it, and preserving it. Did I mention that I’m an archivist too? I make sure that valuable history is kept safe and stored properly for the next generations to learn from.
My hometown is Cleveland, Ohio where I was born and raised then I moved to Toledo, Ohio.
Writing for kids like you also brings me joy and makes me happy. My hope is that when you read my books you learn something about yourself and someone else. With what you learn I want you to grow from that experience and become the best person only you can be. But, most of all, I want you to have fun and enjoy my stories.
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